Following step were taken to improve various health programmes in District Mewat.


       Already Available:-

                                                    General Hospital (G.H)                                 01

                                         Community Health Center (CHC)                03

                                         Primary Health Center (PHC)                       12

                                         Sub Center (SC)                                             84

      New Sanctioned (2009):- 

                               Primary Health Center (PHC)                       07

                               Sub Center                                                     54

  •          * The construction of new SC & PHC is being done by PWD B&R at

  •  a cost of Rs.21 Lacs per SC & 2.07 crore per PHC.

  •          * A new building for PHC Ujina has been constructed by PWD B&R

  •  and is functioning since july,2011.

  •          * New building of 5 existing PHC at Uttawar (District Palwal),

  • Biwan,Marora,Singar, M.P Ahir(District Mewat)&one existing PHC pinangwan upgraded to CHC building of which under construction under  Multisectoral District Development Plan of Govt. of india Ministry of Minority  Affairs at total cost of around 18 crore.

  •         * Two Transit Hostels for doctors i.e; one at G.H Mandikhera & another at CHC Nuh consisting of 8 rooms each at a cost of Rs. 1.10 crore constructed and financed by MDA & now are functional.

  •     *   Blood Storage Center is functioning at G.H Mandikhera W.e.f. Jan,2008 and Blood Bank has been functional since December 2012.

       Human Resource:-

                                Medical Officer:- 


                   Specialist Doctors available at G.H Mandikhera:-       


  •                                       Physician                                  02

  •                                       General Surgeon                      Nil

  •                                       Eye Surgeon                             02

  •                                       Child Specialist                         02

  •                                       Anesthetist                               02

  •                                       Orthopedician                          01

  •                                       ENT                                            Nil

       Presently in District Mewat 62 MO's are working against the sanctioned posts of 79.



 Janany Shishu Surksha Yojna:-

                           This scheme was launched from district Mewat on 1st june,2011 and naugurated by Smt.Sonia    
   Gandhi, Chairperson of National Advisory Council Under this scheme these were the  main

    (i)       Free Delivery.                                                                       (ii)      Free Transpor   
    (iii)     Free Diet                                                                                (iv)     Free Medicines/Free Treatment   
                       (During pregnancy,during delivery and upto 42 days after delivery New born Upto 30 days)

  Janany Surksha Yojna:-

                        There are two components of this scheme i.e. STATE and NRHM. Under State component the
   benefits are being given to all SC pregnant lady in the form Rs.1500 hundred in various stages or lump sum
   and in NRHM components the benefits are being given pregnant mothers belonging to SC/BPL family upto
   two children and benefits are given in the form of Rs.500 hundred and 700 hundred for home and institution    
   delivery respectively in rural area.Rs.600 hundred given in urban area.


                      As per DLHS-III(2008-09) the full immunized children was 12% After that immunization transport
  system was established in year 2009 to improve the immunization coverage as public transport system in
  District Mewat in district Mewat was very poor on every Wednesday and Friday these vehicles carry vaccine
  and staff to the outreach session. With the result there are improvements in the immunization coverage. Year
  2012-13 was declared as year of intensification of routine immunization. For special immunization were
  celebrated in this year in Dec.2012, January,Feb. and march 2013. New computerized micro plans were
  prepared and has been implemented and there is no left out area in this district without immunization session.
  Front line workers(ANM, AWW,ASHA) were trained in RI and are helping in mobilizing the community to session


                    Under this scheme medical officer and dental Surgeon visted to each schools(Government and
   Private ) comes under district Mewat. Medical Officers and dental Surgeon examined the children for Anemia,
   Mal Nurtition, Disease and Disability.      


                   Under the scheme, district Mewat was divided in 84 sections and 13 sectors. Each sections have one
    ANM and one MPHW(M) and each Sector have one HI and LHV for preparing Blood slides in active areas 

  SNCU:Sich New Born Care Unit

                SNCU was established in General Hospital, Mandikhera in July 2010. To provide the services to
    neonates one paediatric with team of trained doctor are working round the clock.

  Medical Mobile Unit:-  

              MMU is a bus who services the difficult area comes under that particular district. Services provide by
    MMU are Immunization,ANC,General OPD and Medicines are also available in MMU and one MO, Phamacist,
    ANM, Staff Nurses and drivers has been deployed.

            Regular Staff:- 

  •          212 posts are filled against the 564 posts different category of Medical & Para-medical staff available in District Mewat. To compensate the shortage of following staff have been recruited under Govt. re-engagement and outsourcing policy.

  •        Staff under outsourcing policy:-

    •        Staff Nurse           14

    •    Pharamacist         13

    •     Lab.Tech.              22

    •        MPHW (F)             37

    •        MPHW (M)           43           

    •        Steno                     01


           Contract Staff Under NRHM:-

                                      265 posts are filled against the 278 posts different category of Medical & Para-Medical staff available in District Mewat.

           Medical Mobile Unit(MMU):-

              * Medical Mobile Unit is a bus who serve the difficult area comes under that particular district.

               * Services provided by MMU are immunization,ANC,General OPD and Medicines are also   available in the MMU.

               *   Staff Available in that particular vehicle is one Pharamacist,one staff Nurse and a driver.

               * Two MMU in DisrictMewat serving area of PHC Tigaon&Ujjina

          Referral Transport system:-

            * 9254333102  Number is advertised as a control room number for district Mewat which is  

             controlled by control room GH Mandikhera and services of referral transport is provided to the beneficiary within 30 min. of their call,No calls is being unattended.

            * Control Room GH Mandhikhera serves round the clock 24*7 to the beneficiaries.

            * Human resource:-

                                   19 Ambulances wih                 46 Drivers

    Control Room at G.H Mandikhera with                01Fleet Manager

                                                                                      04 Operators


           Health Seeking behavior of local population:-


                                                       District Mewat the 90th miniority district of India predominantly inhabited by Muslim Community (80%),called MEOs where poverty (64% having low standard of living(DLHS lll),Poor literacy (total 57% & female 37% Senses 2011) and resulting ignorance which has rendered this population God fearing and exploited by the preaching’s of religious leaders resulting in creating a socio religious dilemma for the population to seek the health services specially the Family welfare method which has resulted in highest TFR(4.6 DLHS lll) and bigger family size (6 to 8) and despite the presence of felt need for various health programmes as refelected in DLHS lll indicating 35.6% unmet need for family Welfare methods.People are not able to express and implement their wish of small family due to the socio religious delima. Only 14% Institutional Delivery (DLHS lll),12% complete immunization 12-23 month (DLHS lll),TFR 4.6(DLHS lll),IMR 80 per 1000 (2009 local Health Department survey) and MMR 275 per lacs (2009 local Health Department Survey).



    o   RNTCP Scheme has been started in 1997 by Govt. of india with a view that drug and medicines should be given at the site in front of the health worker to ensure the treatement & welleness of the Patient.

    o   DOTS are opened in each village of the district Mewat and DOTS provider monitor the treatement of the patient and supervision is done by STS,STLS,MO TU and district nodal officer of RNTCP on monthly & Quarterly basis.

    o   Two types of medician are given,catogery 1 & category 2 to the positive patient for duration of 6 & 8 months.

    o   Spectrum examination and other investigation may do for follow up as well as for completion of the treatement.

    o   No. of DOTS Center in Mewat:-   394 at Village level

                      DMC in Mewat   :-    11(Covered the population of about 1 lakh)        

                         TU  in Mewat   :-    05 (Covered the population of about 5 lakh)

                                                         1. TU Nuh                 4.Tauru

                                                         2. TU Punhana         5.F.P.Jhirka

                                                         3. Mandhikhera                                       



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