Health department has manifold functions and duties

that square measure as beneath :-

1. Provide encouraging , preventive , curative and rehabilitative services to the community through primary health health care delivery system.
 2. offer just and quality health care at primary, secondary and tertiary level.
 3. Extension, enlargement and consolidation of rural health infrastructure.
 4. answer the local people health desires and request.
 5. It takes several steps for population stabilization.
 6. offer generative and kid Health Services with the target of reducing MMR & IMR.
 7. offer immunisation services against vaccinum preventive diseases of kidhood likewise as pregnant mothers against tetanus throughout child birth.
 8. offer Family Welfare Services.
 9. offer Essential medicine Care.
 10. social control of PNDT Act to forestall Sex Determination.
 11. Implement and monitor numerous National Health Programmes.
 12. offer emergency medicine care.
 13. guarantee potable water and basic sanitation facilities.
 14. hindrance and management of communicable and non-communicable maladys through active disease police work and timely remedial measures.
 15 offer treatment for common malady and injuries as well as emergency treatment.
 16. offer essential medication, materials, equipments & trendy medical/surgical gadgets for designation and treatment of patients.
 17. Birth and Registration through Civil Registration System.
 18. Work with different sectors in promoting activities and initiatives associated with health.                       
19.Promotion of correct and balanced nutrition – to lift the health standing of the community.
 20. offer in commission orientation coaching to the medical and paramedical personnel’s – To update their data and sharpen their skills.
 21. social control of varied Acts like hindrance of Food Adulteration Act, medication & Cosmetic Act, Human transplantation, psychological state Act, Radiation protection Ac-, MTP Act, Birth & Registration Act, Human Anatomy Act and implementation Of Bio Medical Waste Management & Handling rules.
 22. Educate community to originate behavioural modification relating to numerous Health and Family Welfare programmes thereby rising the standard of life – through numerous mass media activities.
 23. Conduct Medico Legal and postmortem.
 24. Conduct medical checkup for initial entry into Govt. service, licence, disability, medical fitness, communication of pension etc.
 25. supplying of producing, wholesale & retail drug license.

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