SIHFW  has been envisaged as state level establishment for rising the effectiveness of health health care delivery system by transmission data and ability based mostly trainings to the medical and Para-medical health personnel at totally different levels. SIHFW has currently been established as a Society and registered with the Registrar of Societies, Panchkula on eleven.11.2010 with the name of “Swasthya Prashikshan Kendra, Panchkula”. SIHFW is additionally a Collaborating institute for UT Chandigarh and Jammu & geographic region that NIHFW offer the spots. The institute provides the umbrella spot twenty one DTC and one RHFWTC at Rohtak. except for this short period course of study square measure being conducted by SIHFW for MO, employees Nurse, ANM and ASHAs from the State Budgets win the coaching mandate of NHM however conjointly in setting a perfect coaching infrastructure within the State by strengthening of DTCs.

Maternal Health Trainings

SIHFW has taken the initiative to begin and roll out the coaching of B-EMOC all told the District of Haryana when conducting TOT at State level. until date 964 employees Nurse and 652 ANMs are trained in Small Business Administration. The State currently functions to coach another 600 employees Nurses and 800 ANMs in Small Business Administration to finish the whole Mission load. In EmOC coaching sixty seven MOs are trained until date and therefore the state commit to train another forty eight MOs throughout subsequent fiscal year. the method of certification of EmOC trained MOs until date shall be completed throughout this FY itself. In LSA coaching twenty three MOs are trained until date and therefore the state plans to coach another sixteen MOs throughout subsequent FY. until date the EmOC and LSA trainings are conducted in PGIMS Rohtak solely, However, throughout the FY 2011-12 another trustworthy coaching centres for EmOC and LSA shall be established at GMCH Sector-32, Chandigarh therefore on cowl the whole coaching load at the same time in 2 Medical faculties. until date 202 MOs in MTP coaching mistreatment MVA and different ways and therefore the state currently arrange another a hundred and twenty MOs in MTP. throughout the year 2011-12 the RTI/STI trainings shall be extended at the sub-District level for LTs, MOs and employees Nurses as per the Collaboration of NACO with NHM.

Child Health Trainings

IMNCI training was earlier being imparted to MOs, SNs, ANMs, AWW within the State and until date 7216 health personnel are trained in IMNCI. throughout subsequent FY 1625 ANMs shall be imparted in IMNCI coaching therefore on facilitate to post natal home visits. As per the rules received from the government. Of India the F-IMNCI shall be imparted to IMNCI trained MOs and SNs for 5 days during which 672 of them shall be trained and F-IMNCI trainings shall be imparted to different MOs and SNs for eleven days during which 928 of them shall be trained. In NSSK coaching the state already trained 1276 MOs and SNs and 620 ANMs and plans to trained another 1600 MOs/SNs and 1312 ANMs therefore on cowl all the MCH centres within the state.

Family Planning Trainings

Till date 33 MOs/SNs/OTAs have been trained in laparoscopic sterilization and therefore the state intends to coach another one hundred eighty persons throughout subsequent FY. NSV has been imparted to 131 MOs until date and another sixty eight MOs trained throughout subsequent FY. 616 MOs and SNs are trained in Alt-IUD and 1752 ANMs are trained in Alt-IUD and therefore the state commit to train another 620 MOs SNs and 1500 ANMs throughout subsequent FY. throughout the FY 2010-11 the state has started the coaching of PP (IUD) within the six District of Haryana. throughout the FY 2011-12 all the District shall be lined for PP (IUD) trainings. The PP (IUD) trainings for MOs are incorporated with B-EmOC trainings.

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